Why You Should Consider Dating Asian Women Online

Why You Should Consider Dating Asian Women Online
In the comfort of your own home you can search for Asian women by using an Asian dating service.

This method is obviously very convenient. You can look over a catalog of beauties in the comfort of your own home. You won’t see or deal with anyone face to face until very late in the process.

You’ll be able to dwell over their looks, know their age and occupation and interests before even saying hello.

I recommend a Dating Site if you are serious about finding a wife, you don’t want a prostitute and you feel intimidated about going to a foreign country where you’ve never been and trying to pick up and fall in love with the perfect woman in only two or three weeks.

Most of us are intimidated at the prospect of picking up women who talk English. Also, these companies are your best bet for finding a wife in an affluent country such as Japan, Korea or Taiwan.

The demand for Western men is not high among the women of these countries, so you can find them most efficiently by looking for the ones who do make it known they want Western husbands.

This should be obvious, but these companies are not `selling’ brides. They act as the go betweens which allow Asian women and Western men to correspond with each other. You write to the women who look good to you. The women write back to the men who look good to them. Neither are obligated to the other.

Some are anxious to get to Western countries by hook or crook. But some of the women advertising in these services come from relatively affluent countries which have much lower crime rates than the Western countries.

This is especially true of Japan and Korea. Many of them feel they’re risking their lives to stay here. They think of moving to Western countries as you’d think of going to Columbia South America.

Many of the women listed even from poor countries appear relatively affluent. Many have college educations, good jobs or their own businesses. One service boasted that they didn’t list women from rice paddies or slums.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with women wanting to escape either rural or urban poverty through marriage, but the point is that you should not assume these women are golddiggers.

Many expect marriage to you will improve their financial security, I’m sure. But many probably also want a man who won’t beat them and spend all his money drinking, gambling and whoring.

Feminists claim Western men are exploiting these women, but we’re famous in Asia for being nice to our wives.

Pseudo-feminists often attack these services. Their basic contention is that they supply Western cavemen with submissive sexual slaves they can beat up at will.

Ironically, many of these Asian women are seeking Western men because Western men are well known throughout Asia for treating women far better than many Asian men. Not all Asian men are cavemen either, of course, but many will demand at least some privileged perogatives.

Western feminist rhetoric on this subject is equivalent to Western unions campaigning against foreign-made products.

So much for international working class solidarity. Western feminists may talk of international sisterhood between all women, but they want to lock their Third World, “low wage” sisters out of the market for Western husbands.

That’s to “protect” them, of course. That many foreign women want to marry an Western man just proves how backward they are.

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